When three sisters come together, it's murder

Two sisters living in the greater Seattle area and one sister from Chicago teamed up to write the Cat DeLuca Mysteries (Published by Poisoned Pen Press).

The debut mystery, "Liar, Liar" introduced Cat DeLuca and her Pants On Fire Detective Agency. Liar, Liar was awarded Library Journals Best Mystery, 2010 and two inquiries for movie rights.

Larsen’s engaging second mystery, "Sticks and Stones" became available February 2012.

Larsen’s third installment in the Cat DeLuca series, “Some Like it Hot” was published in March of 2013.

Cat’s fourth adventure, Bye Bye, Love, will be released April 2015

Liar, Liar, Sticks and Stones, and Some Like It Hot are available at the Seattle Mystery Bookstore and on Amazon.

The Library Journal: Cat DeLuca is smart and charming…and is sure to appeal to fans of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum.

Storey Book Reviews: If you like to laugh you will love this book (Liar, Liar)…you won’t be disappointed.

Publisher's Weekly: The slangy, cartoonish style suits Pants on Fire shenanigans

Kirkus Reviews: The characters are sassy as ever

About the Books

What does a woman do when she discovers her husband is an incurable cheater? If she’s Cat DeLuca she launches the Pants On Fire Detective Agency. Now Cat does what two years of unholy matrimony taught her. She catches cheaters.

Liar, Liar (Cat DeLuca Mysteries) – September 2010

Private Investigator Cat DeLuca and her Pants on Fire Detective Agency have a reputation for catching cheaters. It’s a skill Cat mastered when married to her run-around ex, Johnnie Ricco. Armed with a camera, Cat scales balconies, dangles from hotel windows, and splashes the bare facts on 8X10 glossies. They tend to sweeten her clients’ divorce settlements.

Life takes a strange turn when a reporter for the Chicago Tribune (Rita Polansky) masquerades as a client with a liar-liar husband. Rita retains Cat to follow Chance Savino, a steamy guy with a pocketful of smuggled diamonds. The detective is hot on his heels when…

Sticks and Stones: A Cat DeLuca Mystery (Cat DeLuca Mysteries) – February 2012

After client Cleo Jones shoots her cheating husband's bum full of buckshot, he disappears, taking her money, her dog, and her sister with him. Cat promises to return the dog and money if her client stops shooting at Walter. She finds the dog and a mysterious bag full of cash, and then she finds Walter, his very dead body still warm. The cops quickly arrest Cleo for the murder of her husband. Cat is determined to prove her client's innocence and it's not an easy sell. Cat's investigation leads to…

Some Like it Hot (Cat DeLuca Mysteries) – March 2013

When an old friend buys a trenchcoat and opens his own detective agency, PI Cat DeLuca sees a train wreck. Because everything Billy Bonham knows about being a private dick, he learned from Humphrey Bogart. And that’s just enough to make him dangerous.

The bungling detective is way over his head on a case involving murder and a stolen pair of Marilyn Monroe’s dazzling diamond earrings. His outrageous client, Cristina McTigue, is pursued by men who want her dead. Five minutes after meeting the woman, Cat would cheerfully kill her too. When Billy is gunned down on the street, it’s up to Cat to save his crazy client and nail a murderer. She soon finds herself dodging bullets, knee-deep in trouble, and chasing diamonds. Before it’s over, she’ll be...

Cat’s fourth adventure, Bye Bye, Love, will be released April 2015!

About the Authors

Sisters Kari, Julianne, and Kristen write under the pen name, K.J. Larsen.

Writing a novel together was second nature for the three sisters who created their own Nancy Drew mysteries as kids.

“We live very different lives,” Kari says. “What brings us together is a voracious love of mystery, a wicked sense of humor, and the thrill of victory.”

Kari Larsen lives at the foothills of Mt. Rainier and loves hiking, stand-up comedy, and the Blues. She’s written a column for a local paper as well as numerous plays and children’s stories. She’s a mean baker and a bit like Cat’s crazy Mama. Her cannoli will drop you to your knees.

Kari is also a regular contributor at www.kidamentals.com with blogs and information on how to encourage creativity in children.

Julianne is the youngest of the six Larsen girls and spoiled as God intended. She teaches classes in organic gardening and is a gifted artist and poet. She lives on a farm with her horses, her beagle, and more four legged children than any person with good sense. Like Cat, she prefers jeans and a sweater but she cleans up nice.

Kristen is a gifted writer, weaver and actress and has appeared in plays off off Broadway. Her eyes are green like Cat’s and she’s a shoe-in for the role in the blockbuster movie to come. She lives in the Chicago area and was recently spotted dancing in Bridgeport with Chance Savino.

Happy reading!